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kitchen spices organized on lazy susans
kitchen baking party drawer

Tabi came into our home and reorganized and repurposed many rooms and spaces. We are not neat people and we needed lots of help. Anything from reorganizing our pantry and kitchen, to closets, entertainment center and living room spaces. From reimagining organization, to holding our hand while we went through all our stuff and helped us make decisions on what to keep and what to donate. They have experience with children and understand how to incorporate their needs too. Tabi was super patient with us as we navigated these changes! And these changes have been so beneficial to us! We look forward to continuing our work with them as we address more spaces in our home and the evolving needs of our family. We also appreciate this is an LGBTQ owned business, we love their values!


Tabi was able to help me take on tasks in my home that were completely overwhelming after my husband died. We worked through what items needed to be kept and which ones I could let go of. Through this process I was able to reclaim my house, room by room, applying what they taught me as I continued. You are doing a phenomenal job being considerate and compassionate towards your clients. I am blown away by your attention to detail and useful information. 


Tabi helped me let go of things I that I had no use for. They never made me feel judged or tried to convince me what to do with the items. I appreciate this so much as there can be a lot of shame around the things collecting dust in the basement. Tabi helped figure out a storage solution for items we are keeping too. All around great experience I would recommend to anyone who needs to sort and organize.


organized sewing supplies
organized bookshelves
kid closet
organized kid's desk

We had Tabi to our house today to organize a disaster that the prior owner left in our massive 12' x 20' shed, that we just added to! Not only did they clear, clean and organize, they also left us with suggestions on how to continue to keep the space functional! They were outstandingly professional and had plans drawn up from just a few pictures they were given to work with! Absolutely fantastic and highly recommend! They really have a knack for this!


Tabi is simply remarkable. I cannot recommend them enough. It is so hard to have perspective when going through your own personal clutter. Tabi makes simple and FUN! They are kind, patient, and professional. (Plus they can work with animals and kids creating chaos around them, I truly don't know how they do it! LOL). Thank you, Tabi, for being you!


Tabi sees organization where clients do not! I had a lovely time working on my garage with Tabi (as did my young children). They were intentional and relaxed and provided the most excellent guidance and our garage is now fully functional for our family. I was thinking about our work together today and it occurred to me that Tabi, as a third party, suggested a beautiful system for our family that wasn't fraught with emotion. If I or my partner had taken the lead on the garage project there could easily have been conflict within our relationship. Thank goodness for Tabi's expertise! Not only did they create a functional space for our family, but they saved my partner and I from conflict!

I give them every thumbs up!


organized shed garage
kitchen junk drawer with drawer organizers
organized pantry

Tabi is a complete professional. They show up on time, with their own supplies, and works continuously. Tabi doesn't waste time, and also has very practical organizational sense. I appreciate a well thought out approach. I have completed a number of projects with Tabi and only have the best things to say about them.


Tabi has been a consistent accountability partner in our family trying to regain our lives from disorganization and over-accumulation. Together we are making tremendous strides in our home's closets, basement, and garage. Stuff builds up over time and it can be emotionally overwhelming to set aside time and tackle it on your own. When scheduling time with Tabi, I am motivated to do as much as I can. They are a wealth of information about recycling, reduce, and reuse options in the Columbus area, so I know I am able to rehome or recycle my extra stuff responsibly.


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