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Since 2022, Organization Pending has served Columbus, OH and the surrounding areas, creating functional spaces to serve you. 

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Sustainability Update

Reduce, Reuse, Recycle Columbus, March 2024

As a commitment to greener business practices, Organization Pending announced in April 2023 that clients would be able to receive free donation takeaway of items Columbus Fashion Academy uses to support local sustainable fashion education and creativity - supporting local business and youth.

At the end of 2023, Organization Pending was Columbus Fashion Academy's top donation source, helping save over 1,653 pounds of clothing from landfills.

Do you have a closet or craft room you need help decluttering and organizing? Reach out to Organization Pending and help support Columbus Fashion Academy today!

Organization Pending and Columbus Fashion Academy logos and website information, along with white and green text about the update

Special Sessions for Upper Arlington Residents: 43212, 43220, & 43221

Loving Columbus, January 2024

Organization Pending has updated hours for clients living in zip codes 43212, 43220, or 43221!

To better accommodate kid organization sessions, moving clients, or clients who are unable to meet Monday - Friday, 10am-3pm, or during limited weekend hours, Organization Pending has added limited availability 4-6pm sessions for Upper Arlington residents.


Do your kids want to work with Tabi (they/them)? These sessions are great for kids aged 10+ working directly with Tabi, or for younger kids who will help make decisions in the last half hour of the session.


Moving soon? These sessions are perfect for focused decluttering sessions of your current belongings, making sure everything is together for packing. Moving within UA? Tabi can visit the new home with you, discussing big picture home zones, giving advice on organization during the walk-through, and answering your specific questions.


Are you a working parent whose weekends are booked? A family person themselves, Tabi is familiar with the demands on your schedule, and is looking forward to helping you meet your goals at a time that meets your needs.

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Local School Playground Storage Planning

Early Holiday Planning, October 2023

When the Wickliffe Progressive Elementary School PTO reached out, Organization Pending was happy to donate an hour to discuss options for their upcoming playground storage redesign. With three groups using the space, students assisting with taking in/out of some supplies, and needs for temporary and long-term storage zones, this multiuse space presented a number of considerations. With representatives from each group participating, we were able to discuss a decluttering and organizing plan that could account for everyone's needs and the incoming supplies for the new playground. Tabi the Organizer hopes everyone in the Wickliffe community enjoys their upcoming redesigned playground, and functional storage area!

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Better Business Bureau® Accredited Business

Back to Books, August 2023

We announced in June at Rainbow UA Pride that Organization Pending is now a Better Business Bureau® (BBB®) Accredited Business! Take a look at the other local recently BBB® Accredited Businesses here.

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Better Business Bureau Accredited Business

Rainbow UA Pride

Catching Rays, June 2023

Thank you to everyone who came out in the rain to see Organization Pending at Rainbow UA Pride on June 11!

Tabi (they/them) the Organizer was thrilled to meet so many new people in the Upper Arlington community, including some young future home organizers, and to say hello to some past clients and friends. At the booth, Tabi announced Organization Pending's status as a Better Business Bureau® (BBB®) Accredited Business, provided portfolio binders for people to flip through for home organizer tips, and three lucky winners received $50 off a 5 hour in-person work session!

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Organization Pending at Rainbow UA Pride

About Organization Pending

Looking to Pride, May 2023

After spending a decade in libraries, and eight years in retail management, the pandemic and a subsequent furlough allowed Organization Pending's Owner/Operator Tabi Berkey (they/them) to take a pause, creating a list that would eventually become their home organizing business.

"When I was furloughed, I was one of those people that became obnoxiously productive and focused to balance the instability and dread many of us were feeling. One of my activities was creating a list of strengths that coworkers and supervisors had noted over the years, as well as the aspects of each job I had enjoyed the most. Organization, attention to detail, problem solving, one-on-one connections and creating real differences in people's everyday lives led me to discover home organizing as a profession. Working with a few friends and family members left me fulfilled and energized at the end of a work day, making it an easy decision to commit to an LLC January 2022, taking the business full-time last June." -Tabi Berkey (they/them), Owner/Operator Organization Pending LLC

"Creating functional spaces to serve you" not only is a motto, but a promise to clients that Berkey will work with you and your family to create spaces that make sense for you. This one-size does not fit all approach creates personalized organization for each client, allowing clients the space to take ownership of the process, learning Organizer tips and recommendations for lasting results.

Each client begins with a free virtual assessment, meeting Tabi to talk about your project(s) and goals. Organization Pending starts working for you as soon as you schedule your first work session, drafting potential space layout ideas, and researching preliminary product and resource information. As the "Hire Organization Pending" page of the website explains, "Organization Pending works with you to create personalized organization systems within your home. Our philosophy is there's not a right way, there's a best way for you. And that includes flexibility in how you're able to work with us." The popular in-person services for $50 an hour includes whole-home and individual spaces, training sessions, moving preparation and new move-in set-up assistance, as well as kid organization sessions. For long-distance clients and clients on a budget, they also offer two virtual service options, body doubling and Structured Support. Body doubling is most like the in-person training sessions, where Tabi supports clients throughout the decluttering and organizing process for $35 an hour. Their new Structured Support services offers motivated clients the personalized structure they need to complete decluttering and organizing goals with two half hour sessions and free 10-minute follow up for a total of $80. These virtual session options come with the same recommendations as in-person services, while allowing clients to work at their own pace, completing homework between sessions with the organizer.

"Many families are struggling to find functionality in their homes. Dual income households, children that outgrow clothing and interests quickly, long-term illness, the passage of time...there are so many reasons why homes aren't the havens we need. Clients who choose a training-style session work directly with me for five hours at a time, learning how to effectively declutter and categorize their belongings, gaining tips on how to personalize organization for their families. Clients who opt for these training sessions report completing additional projects on their own, setting them up to successfully continue maintaining their homes as their lives change."

In April, Organization Pending announced a partnership with Columbus Fashion Academy, allowing clients free donation pick up of select items to benefit local children's creativity and self-confidence. Take a look at April's Newsroom for the full interview. Additional donation and recycling services are available for $25 per carload, up to two locations.


Organization Pending's Top Five

Check out the top five spaces client of clients have organized -

view Results & Reviews, Instagram or Facebook for more!

  1. pantries and kitchens

  2. basements and storage areas

  3. partner and kid closets

  4. bathrooms and shared family spaces

  5. kid creative spaces, playrooms and bedrooms


In addition to regular services, Organization Pending also publishes this monthly Newsroom, and hosts lists of Community Recommendations on their website, highlighting LGBTQIA+ -owned and affirming local resources and businesses. You might expect to find local decluttering, donation, recycling and moving resources, but you can also find recommendations for family life, local community and professionals, LGBTQIA+ resources, community events, and businesses to explore. 


How to find Organization Pending:

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Columbus Fashion Academy Partnership

Getting Warmer, April 2023

Continuing our discussion on taking advantage of green(er) opportunities in the community, Organization Pending is partnering with Community Recommendation Columbus Fashion Academy (CFA), the educational branch of Talkingfashion Inc., to offer free donation pick up of items this organization uses to bring the love of self, Earth, and fashion to local children. Dana Thomas, journalist and author of Fashionopolis: The Prices of Fast Fashion and the Future of Clothes, says that worldwide, the average garment is worn as little as three to seven times before throwing it away. Left unchecked, predicts that fashion production will account for 26% of all carbon emissions by 2050, making the sustainable fashion conversations and skills offered through the Academy imperative for all generations.

The Four Pillars of Columbus Fashion Academy: Our vision is for everyone to experience Columbus as an authentic global fashion capital, a place where people of all ages, styles and backgrounds are empowered and applauded for being themselves.

  1. education - Stay curious, just keep learning.

  2. people - It's about people, always.

  3. planet - Sustainability. The fashion industry is the #2 factor in polluting our landfills, killing animals and wildlife. We want kids to have a full circle learning, opening their minds to recycling and upcycling, slowing the environmental and human damages fast fashion is causing.

  4. artistic freedom - A human right. Our classes are not about perfection at all, it's about empowering the kids and pushing them to create. We teach fashion as a language of self-discovery, self-respect, self-love and self-confidence.


"Talkingfashion loves working with all people. We are 100% inclusive of all and we love to have a diverse bunch of human beings with us, we don't know another way. Our team and our clients range from ages 10-100 years old, of all genders and expressions, from all over the globe."

Columbus Fashion Academy ensures students experience full circle learning, talking about the values of recycling, upcycling and sustainability, encouraging students to create pieces that become part of their everyday clothing options, reducing waste and the environmental impact of the fashion industry.

Free donation pick-up of the following items is available when hiring Organization Pending for in-person services:

-everything related to sewing projects, from portable sewing machines to dress forms

-jewelry making tools and supplies

-accessories: scarfs, handbags, hair accessories, perfect or broken jewelry

-valuable accessories with historic value for collectors can also be donated - these items will be kept intact and sold through the Talkingfashion website, with 100% of the proceeds benefiting Columbus Fashion Academy's youth educational programs.

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New Directions Career Center:
Reclaim Your Home Presentation

Springing Forward, February 2023

On January 18, Organization Pending took part in New Directions Career Center's Workshop Wednesdays series. Reclaim Your Home: Creating Functional Spaces that Serve You focused on the three stage of home organization, including local resources for decluttering, and tips on how to personalize organization for each families' specific needs. Money saving alternatives to organization were also discussed, including the DIY repurposed drawer organizers featured in December's Tip of the Month.

"We love being able to partner with resources like Organization Pending LLC. Their tips for how to create calm and functional spaces is the perfect antidote to the feelings of anxiety and stress that are caused by life and career transitions. That's what workshop Wednesdays are about - high-quality, high-interest content that helps all of us improve our lives." - Kat Cochrane-Yamaguchi (she/her), Programs Director

Unfamiliar with New Directions Career Center? They offer holistic career education, counseling, and wrap-around services to "Uplift and empower women to achieve and maintain self-sufficiency." This non-profit was started in 1980 as The Displaced Homemaker Program to support widowed or divorced women re-entering the workforce, expanding over the years to include under-employed clients and workers looking to move into a new employment field. One of their newer program offerings include Workshop Wednesdays, "free, one-hour virtual events designed for anyone, not just women, to expand skills and strengthen their support," explained Cochrane-Yamaguchi. Services and programs have been brought to more than 70,000 lives through the work at New Directions Career Center, and that number grows weekly. Want to support your community in reclaiming their lives? Consider a donation, and follow them online to receive notifications of special events, such as their yearly Women of Promise raffles!

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