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New Year: Improved You

Updated: Aug 11, 2023


December 2022 Organization Pending Newsroom Upper Arlington, Ohio


stacked rocks with snow on the ground and a brick background

Welcome to Organization Pending's Newsroom,

December 2022: New Year: Improved You edition.

This month, we'll be tearing down the "New Year, new you" pressure that many of us feel, focusing on realistic and attainable goals that honor who we are as people, improving, not recreating, the existing us.

This whole health approach to the New Year includes community events with a mental health focus, and an interview with community recommendation Wonderwoman Fitness, highlighting their "fitness for mental well-being" approach to personal training, virtual youth and adult services, and a special offer for Newsroom readers! Check out the ways to keep the kids out of seasonal boredom, a Book of the Month recommendation for business owners, and don't miss our double Tip of the Month!

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Did You Miss...?: Holiday Recycling

If you missed seeing these resources in November's Newsroom:

Holiday lights recycling starts after the holidays and ends January 31st at the Municipal Services Center on Tremont Road.

Live trees can be picked up as part of your regular waste collection day after the holidays through January 30.


Opportunities to Give Back

front yard covered in snow with a bush

Looking to help a neighbor this winter? Call the Upper Arlington Commission on Aging at 614-583-5326. You, your family, or any group you're a part of can volunteer as a Snow Angel, helping an elderly neighbor with their shoveling this winter.

Have you been working with your children to declutter their belongings this season? Were there any unopened toys or unused craft kits? Through December 24, donate new unwrapped toys, gift cards or monetary donations for local families in need at Franklin County fire stations or CME Federal Credit Unions.

multi-drawer storage bin bursting with toys

Did you miss the full information on these additional resources for decluttering gently used items in last month's Sliding Into Winter Newsroom?

The Children's Advocacy Project hosts a list of local organizations that help children, teens and families with a variety of needs.

Donate books to your community through Little Free Library kiosks.

The Columbus Blessing Boxes Project offers 24/7 access to household goods, necessities, and other "blessings" located throughout the city.


"I'm Bored!": Fun Without the Cold

chalk drawing of children sledding on a snowy hill

The Upper Arlington Public Library is offering Sunday at the Movies on December 18, January 22, and February 19 at 2pm each day. Join them at them main branch in the Friends Theater for Cool Runnings, Megamind, and Soul, respectively. Registration is not required for these showings.

The Upper Arlington Parks and Recreation department brought back Sunday Swim at the Upper Arlington High School Natatorium starting September 18. Residents age 3-99 can swim 1-3pm for $3 each day, and non-residents for $4. Registration is required, and the last Sunday Swim will be May 14. Check out the Quick Links at for additional upcoming family activities brought to you by the City!

pool with waves

Have children ages 0-8 who can't stay up to join in on the New Year's fun? Join the Upper Arlington Public Library at the main branch's atrium for Noon Year's Eve on Saturday, December 31 at 11:30am for an hour long celebration with stories, crafts, games, a balloon drop, and dance party! No registration is required for this event. Check out the Library's Events & Programs tab for additional family, kids, teen, and adult-geared activities!


Body and Mind with Wonderwoman Fitness: Community Recommendation Highlight

Wonder Woman Fitness logo, dumbbell crossed with a fork, "WF" in blue next to it

Creating and maintaining a fitness routine is the #1 New Year's resolution, and one that many of us make year after year without success. Break the cycle this year with a personal trainer who emphasizes fitness for mental health, and feeling confident in your own body. We reached out to Community Recommendation Wonderwoman Fitness to learn more about their adult and youth services, offered virtually!

"I love fitness because you're not in competition with anybody, and you don't have to prove anything to anyone. You don't have to be someone you're not, you're vulnerable even when you don't have to be, and you're able to dig really deep and prove to yourself that no matter what others think of you, you are in charge of your own fitness. You don't need to feel like you have to fit the status quo or have a certain level of popularity or a huge monetary budget. You don't have to be someone you're not in order to fit in. Fitness is a world that I can be in without judgment, it's not a chore or a job, it becomes a part of you. It's boundless." -Shay-Lon Moss ACSM CPT (she/her), Wonderwoman Fitness, Owner

A long time athlete, Moss studied Exercise Science in college, starting a fitness blog for a class assignment. When it gained over 10,000 subscribers in less than a year, she realized "it wasn't just fitness people that read my blog, it was moms and people who worked in other occupations. It was attracting people from all walks of life, who wouldn't normally read a fitness blog." Expanding post topics over the years, Moss now includes informative posts on exercises, technique and form, experiences, pros and cons, and mental health. You may recognize her name from articles in top tier fitness magazines and websites, including 15 Min Post-Workout Fat Blasting Circuit Routine in Muscle & Strength.

Shay-Lon Moss ACSM CPT, owner of Wonder Woman Fitness
Shay-Lon Moss ACSM CPT, Owner. Photo credit: Wonderwoman Fitness.

With the popularity of the blog rising, Moss gained business knowledge working in a gym until moving to Columbus and starting Wonderwoman Fitness at the end of 2020.

"I started Wonderwoman Fitness because I always had the dream to be my own boss and offer people a safe haven to reach goals and build upon self-love and self-confidence that gyms often don't offer people, or mainstream trainers don't offer people because they have so many clients." -Shay-Lon Moss ACSM CPT (she/her), Wonderwoman Fitness, Owner

Combining her degree and personal experience using exercise to express and process mental health challenges, Moss strives to bring fitness training to anyone looking to feel more confident in their bodies. "I try to help people focus not on pleasing the people around them, but on feeling confident in their own body, no matter the shape or size. My business is LGBTQIA+ and minority owned, and I welcome people of all gender identities and sexual orientations. [As] a member of the community, I am intimately familiar with the challenges they face. "

Moss starts building each client's personalized program with a free consultation, learning how you currently feel and what your goals are aside from appearance or physical gains. "Research shows that if we make our lifestyle changes based on our health rather than on appearance, we are more likely to sustain those changes," she explains. Specializing in competitive and non-competitive strength training; developmental disabilities; sport-specific exercises for basketball, softball, and track and field; and stress management, each program is built on Moss' foundation of "fitness for mental well-being, which includes building on self-confidence, learning what works for you as an individual, and nutritional information that fuels the body as well as the mind." Available virtually to individuals and small groups of two to four people, Wonderwoman Fitness is offering 50% off your first session to anyone who subscribes to their Fitness Updates and mentions you read about them in Organization Pending's Newsroom!

Wonderwoman Fitness' Top 5

Looking for tips on starting and maintaining a daily self care routine? Check out Wonderwoman Fitness' top five recommendations for physical and mental well-being, directly from owner Shay-Lon Moss' personal life!

Moss and her girlfriend on a long hiking trip
  1. Meditation Guided meditation for 2-5 minutes, especially mantras or motivational speaking.

  2. Fitness Completing my gym routine.

  3. Nature Taking time to walk with my partner and her dog on long hiking trips.

  4. Cooking Cooking meals keeps me off the couch Moss on a hike with her partner. Photo credit: Wonderwoman Fitness. and I enjoy prepping healthy meals.

  5. Music Listening to music that flows with how I feel at that particular time.

Contact Wonderwoman Fitness:

Email: Instagram: shay_fitnesswonderwoman

Subscribe to Wonderwoman Fitness' blog and mention Organization Pending's Newsroom for

50% your first session with Wonderwoman Fitness after your free consultation!


Tip of the Month: Organizing for Working Out

Simple Organizing for Working Out, Organizing with Ease Podcast, Oct 27 episode

Are you getting back into working out this year, or need ideas on how to make the habit easier to form and follow through with? The Organizing with Ease podcast discussed how to reduce barriers to working out in their Simple Organizing for Working Out episode.

If you create a system that doesn't make you think about it, you will do it! Learn tips for pre-setting your gym bag or planning your at-home routine the night before, including a product and book recommendation.


New Year, Improved You: Mental Health Break

low sunset

On Thursday, January 26 at 6:30pm, join OSU Extension Educator Jenny Lob in the Friends Theater at the Upper Arlington Public Library main branch for an hour long discussion on Beating the Winter Blues. Registration is not required.

Journaling and physically writing out our thoughts and goals to help manifest them is a common beneficial New Year's resolution. Head down to Upper Arlington Public Library main branch on Wednesday, January 11 at 3pm for their two hour long Repurposed Book Crafts program. They will be focusing on recycling the library's broken books by turning them into a journal for the New Year at this all ages event. Registration is not required.

Do you have a loved one dealing with memory loss? The library is offering specially curated Memory Care Kits to borrow, with themes designed to help you connect with your loved one. Learn more about the kits and how to use them with Michelle Crum, CDP from the Ohio State University Center for Healthy Aging, Self Management, and Complex Care on Wednesday, January 25 at 10:30am in Meeting Room B. No registration is required for this hour long event.


Tip of the Month: Drawer Organizers

Are you interested in trying drawer organizers, but you're not sure if you'll like them? Did you know home organizer Marie Kondo, author of Spark Joy and The Life-Changing Magic of Tidying Up, recommends repurposing boxes as organizers before purchasing any products?

When a space is fresh from decluttering and organizing, it's possible that as the space is used, a few things need to be reorganized to attain the highest level of functionality for your family. To save yourself the cost and time of trying to deal with returning items, take a look at this step-by-step guide from Organization Pending for creating DIY repurposed drawer organizers.

four steps in creating a DIY repurposed drawer organizer from a tissue box
  • Taking any box that is the length and width you need, check the height of the box in the drawer.

  • Cut off the top and trim off extra height if needed, using a utility knife on a hard surface.

  • Reinforce the inside flaps with sturdy tape, doing the same to the cut edges to increase durability for high-use areas like sock drawers.

Like the idea, but want a different aesthetic? Marie Kondo also suggests long term repurposing of boxes and other small containers that bring you joy.


Book of the Month

Tabi Berkey

book cover of The New Rules of Marketing & PR by David Meerman Scott

When I first started Organization Pending, I was recommended all of the classic standards in marketing books. While they had many ideas for on-the-ground and direct marketing through mailers and calling, I found even the latest updates of these books couldn't address the needs of a current business.

The New Rules of Marketing & PR: How to Use Content Marketing, Podcasting, Social Media, AI, Live Video, and Newsjacking to Reach Buyers Directly, by David Meerman Scott, not only gave me the updated information I had been looking for, but also addressed the concerns of small businesses reaching markets in new ways after the 2020 pandemic.

This completely revised and updated 8th edition published in 2022, ISBN 9781119854289, begins by diving in on how marketing has rapidly changed, comparing past to present, emphasizing the ways that new media has helped cut costs for marketing and public relations, while creating a noisy background for new entrepreneurs. Scott walks the reader through getting above the noise, covering various social media platforms and how to best utilize them for business, how to understand and harness the power of SEO, and creating content that matters, connecting with your community and creating fans of your business.

Coming from a background of public libraries, I appreciated his thoughtful approach to the behind-the-scenes work of business, encouraging small business owners to offer free resources and information through their content, centering the customer at the core of their business model. This emphasis on customers and strength in community building hit the right cord with my brand, and I highly recommended this book to any business owner or entrepreneur who is looking for a resource on community connection and updated marketing information.


Company News

Why Organize...? seasonal items, social media post from Organization Pending

Do you love the look of an organized home, but you're unsure how organization can enhance the functionality of your spaces?

The "Why Organize...?" series started November 18 with seasonal spaces you might not have considered before, including a year round gift wrap and party supply area. The last post of this six part series goes up next week on Organization Pending's Instagram and Facebook accounts--check out the whole series to learn how organization in these common household spaces can create a home that serves you, including tips to get you started!

Ways to Work with Organization Pending, social media post

Organization Pending announced new and updated in-person and virtual services on November 29, based on clients' requests and needs over the past year.

"Let us do the heavy lifting, and only step in to help declutter as necessary for your whole-home or individual space needs. Or schedule one of our popular training sessions, learning the process while working the process with us, applying these skills to other pending projects in your home after we leave! Moving soon? Work with us to declutter and organize before packing for less stress! We also organize for the whole family--talk to us about scheduling one of our unique kid organization sessions to start gaining these life skills at any age. Outside of our 50-mile in-person services radius? We offer body doubling for virtual support through the entire process, or an accountability partner style session for those who need training, a personalized plan, and the motivation to start."

Find more information in the "Hire Organization Pending" tab!


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