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Community Recommendation Highlights

Since 2022, Organization Pending has served Columbus, OH and the surrounding areas, creating functional spaces to serve you. 

Are you looking to find more balance in your life with local resources? Learn more about the businesses and organizations Organization Pending recommends to clients, or visit the Community Recommendations page for a full list of resources on decluttering and donation, moving professionals and resources, family life and local community, professional services, around town, and LGBTQIA+ resources and community.

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Alternative Auto Care: YouTube™ Episode

Pride: Portable Summer Learning Series, May 2024

You may have seen Alternative Auto Care on Organization Pending's Community Recommendations page, but have you heard Owner Chris Cozad's story behind Columbus' own "neighborhood, women-owned and operated, eco-friendly and LGBTQ welcoming auto repair facility"? Long-time friend of Cozad, Holly Fulger from the True Beauty Discovery YouTube­™ channel, recently interviewed Cozad on her beginnings to the industry, how the industry has changed over time with the addition of computers to vehicles, and why Alternative Auto Care's mission is essential to our community.

Since 1983, Cozad and her team have offered "brake repair, routine preventative maintenance, cooling system services, electrical system repair, general auto repair services and diagnostics on all makes and models." What had started as a hobby for Cozad quickly became a realization that communities needed auto repair they could trust, and technicians that reflected the customers' values.

"When I moved to Columbus in the early 80's, I was unemployed and my friends kept calling me up and saying, 'Chris, my car won't start!' or 'My mom's car needs an oil change,' or whatever - just trying to a) give me a little income and b) protect themselves from being ripped off. The automotive industry has a terrible reputation. It's really not just women, but that certainly is the overarching reputation issue, I think, that the industry has."

As a customer of Alternative Auto Care myself, I'm grateful for the plain, honest talk about my vehicle and the options available to me, their willingness to explain when I have questions, and their ability to send me information and pictures via text and email (including reminders when routine services are due!).

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screenshot of True Beauty Discovery Presents Chris Cozad, on YouTube™

Lowery's Lawn Services

Reduce, Reuse, Recycle Columbus, March 2024

Many of us are searching for ways to practice sustainability in our everyday living, looking to support local companies that practice those same beliefs. I was thrilled when I learned about the company celebrating Earth Day everyday - zero emissions lawn care services, Lowery's Lawn Services - and reached out to learn more.

"I am passionate about zero emission lawncare and landscaping and using sustainable practices for a variety of reasons, the biggest being the positive impact it has on our environment. Many people don't realize how much pollution is created by using small engine gas mowers, trimmers, blowers, etcetera, ...[including] both smog/carbon dioxide and noise pollution. [...] Choosing to have a lawn care provider using zero emission equipment has an enormous impact on the quality of air we breathe and reduces your carbon footprint."

-Ashley Lowery-Hauser, Owner (she/her)

  • 1 hour of using a gas powered lawn mower is equal to driving 300 miles in a car.

  • 1 hour of using a gas leaf blower emits smog-forming pollution comparable to driving a car 1,100 miles.

  • The EPA estimates that gas lawn mower emissions account for as much as 5% of the nation's total air pollution and over 17 million gallons of gasoline spilled each year just refueling.

  • Gas powered equipment can damage hearing and runs at approximately 95 decibels vs 75 decibels or less with electric equipment.

  • Find more information, statistics, and tips in Lowery's Lawn Services' FAQ.

Building on a background and passion for lawn care and landscaping, Owner Ashley Lowery-Hauser (she/her) saw the dreams of starting her own company turn into reality in 2022, hoping to expand in the future with other women passionate about the business. "I am also working towards buying an electric truck - right now the expense and limitations on tow capacity have prevented me from being able to move forward - and I am constantly researching and networking with companies about the equipment they have and what is in the works, so I can expand my services as more commercial grade zero emission equipment is available. [So far] I have invested in top grade electric mowers, trimmers, blowers and other pieces of equipment that last all day and have the equivalent power of gas." This focus on high standards ensures "there is no sacrifice in the quality of work my company provides by using zero emission equipment."

Lowery's Lawn Services doesn't only give back to the environment, but also the community, helping someone in need for free with every 20th customer, including one-time mowing, property cleanup, hauling, and "currently, I mow three properties for free for elderly/disabled individuals who are in need. It is important to me to help where I can, there are a lot of people who want to have a nicer or more presentable property and they just need a little helping hand."

"I am not only a female-owned small business, but I am also a member of the LGBTQIA+ community. I believe that everyone should be treated fairly and equally, no matter how they identify. I promise to provide a safe and comfortable experience for everyone."


Lowery's Lawn Services' Top Five Specialties:

Take a look at Lowery's Lawn Services' top requested specialties below, or explore additional service options, including power washing and maintenance online.

  1. weekly mowing, trimming and blowing

  2. seasonal cleanups & shrub trimming

  3. mulching & edging

  4. smaller landscaping projects (including patio pavers, flower bed creation, and demolition)

  5. flowers and plant advisement to include native plants that are appropriate for the property

How to find Lowery's Lawn Services:


Contact Form:


Call/Text: 614-313-0471

Facebook: Lowery's Lawn Services, LLC

Instagram: loweryslawns

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Lowery's Lawn Services logo - LLS with a line underneath and the full name under that

Dragon's Lair Comics & Fantasy­®

Slowing Down for the Season, November 2023

Have you visited Ohio's Dragon's Lair Comics and Fantasy­® store? Their commitment to Customer Safety & Comfort for a "safe, welcoming and inclusive environment for any member of the comics and gaming community" makes this our first stop for the tabletop, role playing, and comic fans on our list!

A lifelong passion for books and comics prompted David Wheeler to open the first Texas location in 1986.

"I have a great love of libraries and, from a young age, haunted them. [...] I started helping out comic book stores while I was in Elementary school. When I got to college I worked at two comic book stores before I opened Dragon's Lair Comics & Fantasy®. In many ways I opened my store, with a lot of help and support from customers and friends, so that we could have a place to share our passions for comics and games." - Founder David Wheeler

Expanding to four current Texas locations (visit them in: Austin, Houston North, San Antonio Alamo Ranch, and San Antonio Medical Center), in late 2020, Phil Siewert opened the franchise in Lewis Center, Ohio.

"We strive to provide a safe, inclusive and family friendly space to shop, explore and experience the fun and fantasy that surrounds comic books, graphic novels, manga, board games, card games, miniature games and more! Our goal is to complement and help grow the existing comic book and tabletop gaming community in Columbus by offering a premier retail location and event space. As a lifetime tabletop gamer, role player and comic books fan, I have personally benefited from the communities that comprise local comic book shops, card shops and game stores." - Owner Phil Siewert

In February, our location announced that they are the only store in Columbus to have been awarded Premium Store Status by Wizards of the Coast, allowing us access to additional events, exclusive promo cards, Commander parties, and more, including making them a Testing Store for new upcoming formats of the popular Magic the Gathering™ (MTG) game. They are also a sanctioned Lorcana Organized Play Store, receiving promo cards, pins, and other prizes they use to host tournaments and support League play.


Starting on Black Friday, Siewert says "we'll have numerous Holiday season specials including discounts on manga, graphic novels, as well as curated blind gift boxes from several of our product categories." Don't forget to visit our location's bearded dragon Ripley the Columbus Lair Beast and say "Hi!" from Organization Pending!


Working on decluttering your games before the holidays? Dragon's Lair Comics & Fantasy® has a Consignment program for gently used (or unused) games that are less than ten years old, and rated 7.0 or higher on Board Game Geek, with a preference given to Kickstarter editions. They ask that games be complete, inventoried and sorted/organized. When the game sells, you will receive 70% of the sale in store credit.

Have common games to sell? Take a look at our Community Recommendations for additional resell and donation options.


What you'll find at Dragon's Lair Comics & Fantasy®:

"Dragon's Lair Comics & Fantasy® sells comics, graphic novels, board games, RPGs, CCGs, TCGs, Miniatures and many other great products! We run events every day of the week ranging from board game open play to D&D meet-ups, Friday Night Magic and more!"

Check their Facebook page for their monthly Calendar of Events updates, or take a look at the new releases, sale items and other products online.

  • comic books

  • graphic novels

  • manga

  • board games

  • role playing games

  • miniatures

  • collectible card games

  • plush animals

  • action figures

  • accessories

  • new and used inventory

  • store events, including game workshops


Find Dragon's Lair Comics & Fantasy®:


Facebook: Dragon's Lair Comics & Fantasy - Columbus Instagram: dlair_columbus

Discord: Dragon's Lair Comic and Fantasy Columbus Dragon's Den

Sign Up for the Lair Blog™: Lair Blog™

Email: Phone: (380) 220-1300

Address: 1222 East Powell Road Hours: Monday- Thursday: 10am-11pm

Lewis Center, OH 43035 Friday & Saturday: 10am-12am

Sunday: 10am-10pm

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Dragon's Lair Comics and Fantasy® store front

Little Sore Thumb

Early Holiday Planning, October 2023

"I have always felt like a creative oddball, so donning the name Little Sore Thumb just made sense to me. I like the anonymity of the name - it almost feels a little magical. [...] My goal with my artwork is to make people feel. Not only happiness, but also to feel a little less alone. I often use artwork as a voice for my own personal mental health battles, and I have found that many people can relate to my experiences. [...] My art is a celebration of humanity, and I value and honor individuals of all genders, all sexual orientations, all races, all ethnicities, and all abilities." - Maureen Eckley, artist alias Little Sore Thumb

Are you looking for a niche gift, or personalized illustration? Since 2020, Organization Pending's Owner/Operator has relied on artist Maureen Eckley, current artist alias Little Sore Thumb, for personalized cards - Eckley is also the artist behind Organization Pending's logo!

"As far as commissions, I enjoy creating personal cards or illustrated pieces to give to loved ones. Most of my commissions are drawn in ink, and then are either colored with colored pencil or watercolor paint, or are colored digitally. I have a Redbubble account so I am able to design work for various items (t-shirts, stickers, coffee mugs, etc.). I find myself constantly looking for new creative outlets, so in the future, I will be open to take commissions on ceramics as well as stained glass - I currently consider myself a beginner and I want to hone my ceramics and glass skills."

Along with personalized and niche gift creations, you may have seen Eckley's work in the community - in June, she celebrated four years as a participating Game of Shrooms artist; her spore prints were featured on the cover and in an article for the Fall 2022 edition of Edible Ohio Valley; and she returned to her alma mater in July 2022 to take part in The Inaugural Women's Mental Health & Trauma Exhibition.

"I attended the Art Academy of Cincinnati where I received my bachelor's degree in Fine Arts. During my senior year of school, I developed these small scribblehead characters that represented all of humanity. I revisited this work [at The Inaugural Women's Mental Health & Trauma Exhibition] and created a piece with hundreds of scribblehead figures, each with its own descriptor of a piece of who they are. My hope was that as you get closer to the piece, you are able to find yourself within it."

In early 2020, Eckley had just moved to Dayton from Cincinnati, starting a new job and beginning house hunting with her partner. When the pandemic ended her job and house hunting possibilities, "I fell into a deep depression. There were some days when I just couldn't even get out of bed. My husband noticed this, and one afternoon, he suggested that we go hunting for morel mushrooms in the forest. I was skeptical, but we ended up spending hours in the woods. I felt so much joy as I scanned the forest floor for these elusive mushrooms. Since that day, I have continued to learn about foraging and identifying mushrooms. It is a bit of a hobby of mine, and it is a huge part of my heart. [...] As a mushroom enthusiast, I was extremely pleased when Edible Ohio Valley asked me to include some of my spore prints."

Eckley's love of mushrooms also led her to discover the annual Game of Shrooms, "a once a year world-wide art N seek event", where artists create and hide mushroom-themed art in public places and post hints on their social media for others to seek and keep! "I was naturally very drawn to the idea as it seemed like such a special way to brighten a stranger's day. Any artist can participate in Game of Shrooms - it is very inclusive and diverse. I generally don't have a rhyme or reason as far as what kind of pieces I will create each year, but generally I just want to make work that will make someone smile." Make sure to follow Little Sore Thumb on Instagram for next year's game!


Little Sore Thumb's Top Five:

Take a look at Little Sore Thumb's bestselling options for your gift list - email to discuss personalized items!

  1. Personalized cards.

  2. Prints of Little Sore Thumb artwork.

  3. "Where's Morel?" design, available on a variety of products!

  4. Personalized illustrated pieces, usually portraits or pop culture subject matter.

  5. Although Little Sore Thumb is a beginner potter, her ceramics have been selling well at festivals - take a look at previous items for sale on Instagram!


How to find Little Sore Thumb:

Redbubble shop: littlesorethumb Instagram: littlesorethumb


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little sore thumb logo


Queerencia logo

Looking to Pride, May 2023

"Derived from the Spanish word 'querencia', which is a place where one feels safe and is able to be their most authentic self, Queerencia is a LGBTQ+ lifestyle brand that aims to be that for the queer community by empowering all people within it to embrace their true identity and express themselves boldly and proudly." -Ty Collier, Founder & CEO of Queerencia

Queerencia got its start in 2020 as a pandemic hobby for Founder and CEO Ty Collier, when the sudden halt to his parent's promotional marketing firm gave him the time and space to examine his passions in life. A love for the LGBTQ+ community with a hope to "educate, influence, and inspire the queer community to be bold and proud of who they are" was the passion, and Collier's immediate thought "was to turn to my background experience in the custom clothing and accessory space to pair these two together to make an impact."


In his former position, a main responsibility of Collier's had been "to work with high growth enterprises to bring their visions to life through promotional products." When he started Queerencia as an inclusive product line for the everyday person, he thought he had left business-to-business work in the past, "but the universe had other plans for us. Qpromo helps companies and event organizers bring their visions to life by providing customer printed apparel and promotional products. My favorite part about pairing these two channels together is that we get to focus on storytelling through product and teaching the businesses and event organizers we work with how to make a long lasting impact." Qpromo offers officewear, bags, pens and other office items, mugs and more, including eco-friendly options.

"We design, print, and distribute custom apparel and promo items that let our clients make a bold statement. Whether they want to deck out their team in custom tees for a Pride parade, or hand out some fun giveaways to their entire staff or the broader community, we've got everything they need to make an impact."

In addition to their own designs, Queerencia also has partnered with InterPride, managing their online store to design, print and fulfill orders around the world. "InterPride is the world's largest organizer of Prides around the globe, and we are honored to manage their online store. As a certified LGBT Business Enterprise through NGLCC, Queerencia attends many conferences to connect, build, grow, and learn from other organizations and corporate partners. Through one of our sessions, InterPride saw our company and reached out." With this partnership, Queerencia is able to support and uplift InterPride's mission, mirroring their personal commitment to supporting LGBTQIA+ organizations.

"Queerencia aims to be a resource for the LGBTQ + community and to empower all people to be bold and proud of who they are. We use our platform to story tell through products and to amplify queer voices. The nonprofit organizations that we donate to share similar missions of supporting and uplifting our community. These organizations provide so much for the LGBTQ+ community and it is our honor to be able to give back. [...] I am so grateful for the platform that I have built and the impact that Queerencia has made on the LGBTQ+ community."

Every Queerencia purchase helps support Equitas Health, providing LGBTQ+ healthcare in 13 Midwest cities, Kaleidoscope Youth Center, serving and supporting queer youth in Columbus, The Trevor Project, providing national crisis intervention and suicide prevention services to LGBTQ+ people under 25, and The Marsha P. Johnson Institute, protecting and defending the human rights of Black transgender people.

Queerencia's Top Five

Visit for their entire shop, or check out these best sellers, including the Pride 2023 collection that dropped in April!

Visit Care Instructions for best practices on laundering printed and embroidered apparel.

  1. Equality rainbow fade t-shirt

  2. Columbus OH Pride tee

  3. Ally rainbow fade t-shirt

  4. Into the wine not the label t-shirt

  5. Say Gay t-shirt

  6. New merch! Queerencia Pride Boxes

  7. New merch! Queerencia rainbow crossbody bag

  8. New merch! Ballroom t-shirt


How to find Queerencia:

Website: Qpromo:

Facebook: Instagram:

Email to contact directly: Phone: (937) 214-2865

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The Galaxy Coffee

Looking to Pride, May 2023

"The Galaxy Coffee - serving coffee, tea, lattes, and delicious pastries with pride in who we are: a queer-owned worker cooperative with a commitment to building community and welcoming everyone."

The Galaxy Coffee, Columbus' first queer-owned coffee truck, started rolling on June 25, 2022; offering coffee, espresso, tea and other drinks, customizable with syrups and milks, including dairy alternatives and sugar-free options. Their accessible and inclusive menu also offers vegan pastries, gluten-free and low carb options, along with other snacks.

After working in the corporate and non-profit world for a few years, Owner Jevonna Morris (she/her) felt a sense of longing to build the space she was wanting.

"I love the feeling of hanging out with my friends, talking about everything and nothing, feeling comfortable to just be. And coffee shops are where I've met many of my favorite people - including, significantly, my wife. I love queer spaces, but I'm a bit of a nerd, and clubs and bars are not where I thrive. So, I set out to be the queer coffee shop owner I wanted to see in the world." -Jevonna Morris (she/her), Owner

Adding one of her best friends, Owner Kels Wilson (they/them), to the team, they got to work creating a name and logo as unique as their community-first vision. Working with their friend Sam Meanor to design a unique truck that instantly tells people of all genders and generations they are welcome there, the truck is lettered with the phrases "building community: a space for queers and allies" and "a coffee truck for everyone".


"We chose the name Galaxy because of an idea in the queer community that gender is more than a binary, more than a spectrum, and more like a whole galaxy of possibilities. The logo is a black silhouette of a unicorn full of white stars [...] - unicorns are a longstanding symbol of queerness. I spent months getting the shape of the unicorn just right, using references all the way from whimsical illustrations to prehistoric cave paintings. We have a good friend, Sam Meanor, who designed the huge galloping white unicorn that spans the side of our truck, as well as the gradient rainbow background and surrounding stars and coffee beans motif. Sam did an incredible job designing the artwork for the truck, and we have people stop and comment about it every day."

Another unique detail you'll notice about The Galaxy Coffee when you stop by is their Community Jar. As a worker cooperative, everyone shares the profits of the business and earns a living wage, allowing them to divert a tip jar into a Community Jar. "It helps us be more accessible to more people, especially queer people who experience poverty at greater rates than our straight counterparts. Our reimagining of tipping culture is that it works more like pay-as-you-can, where if you have enough to pay for a cup of coffee, great! If you have enough to pay for a coffee and a little bit extra for the Community Jar, also great! And if you have enough to come by our truck and enjoy a cup of coffee from the funds in the Community Jar, also equally great!" As Morris explained, "Being a worker cooperative aligns with our values of breaking down hierarchies and honoring the dignity of our humanity, and intrinsic to that is the practice of mutual aid." To date, the Community Jar has funded nearly 300 purchases!


A coffee truck to gather community and travel to local events like Community Pride and queer recreation leagues isn't the only goal for The Galaxy Coffee. "Our dream is to build something bigger than ourselves, and eventually open a brick-and-mortar coffeehouse. We want to host events, get-togethers, and just be the space where people want to meet up and do fun things. Everything from sober drag nights to craft groups, book clubs, zine swaps, and artists having a space to show off their work."

While a coffeehouse is a long-term goal, and there are many things in the works they're not able to talk about quite yet, they were able to tell us about one thing they have their fingers crossed about. "We're working on creating a small, monthly event in a park that we hope can be a little bit of the *queer space that doesn't already exist* that was our original goal all along," said Morris. Make sure to follow them on Instagram and Facebook to stay updated on this and all their upcoming news!


The Galaxy Coffee's Top Five

Need a recommendation? Check out these crowd favorites, or take a look at their full menu - keep an eye out for some fun upcoming additions for summer!

  1. lavender oat milk latte, usually iced

  2. cold brew

  3. chai or matcha latte

  4. drip and pour over coffee

  5. lavender lemonade

  6. Owners' choice: mocha and hot chocolate made with ethically sourced cocoa


How to find The Galaxy Coffee:


Facebook: The Galaxy Coffee Instagram: thegalaxycoffee

Email: Phone: (614) 784-2253

Location: Find daily updates on their website, social media, or download the Street Food Finder app for additional exploration!

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The Galaxy Coffee logo

Columbus Fashion Academy

Getting Warmer, April 2023

Continuing our discussion on taking advantage of green(er) opportunities in the community, Organization Pending is partnering with Community Recommendation Columbus Fashion Academy (CFA), the educational branch of Talkingfashion Inc., to offer free donation pick up of items this organization uses to bring the love of self, Earth, and fashion to local children. Dana Thomas, journalist and author of Fashionopolis: The Prices of Fast Fashion and the Future of Clothes, says that worldwide, the average garment is worn as little as three to seven times before throwing it away. Left unchecked, predicts that fashion production will account for 26% of all carbon emissions by 2050, making the sustainable fashion conversations and skills offered through the Academy imperative for all generations.


Founder Priscila Teixeira's love of fashion and expression started in Sáo Paulo, Brazil, as a young child creating costumes for her favorite singer, Rita Lee, sketching paper dolls, creating multi-media collages, and doing improv plays from her grandmother's beauty salon window. At 12, this creativity took an unexpected turn, expanding into her own fashion accessories manufacturing and distribution company by age 20.

"I went to Catholic schools, and I couldn't stand the fact we all had to look the same - we are all different and unique. I started piling up on jewelry (it all started with these seven bracelets on each wrist so it created this funk cuff look) to express myself first. Everyone asked about the jewelry." -Priscila Teixeira, Founder, Talkingfashion Inc.


After moving to the United States, Teixeira volunteered her talents at the Columbus Museum of Art, getting her Master's online and continuing her education through classes at the Fashion Institute of Technology, Parson's and Sotheby's in New York City, and Columbus College of Art and Design. Officially reopening Talkingfashion Inc. in 2005, by 2009, they were holding monthly sold-out events promoting art and fashion, including hosting visual artist Paul Richmond, a FAM-OH-RAMA runway featuring intergenerational models, and a kids only fashion show during HighBall Halloween 2010.

After remarrying and becoming a mother of now three, Teixeira took a step back, finding her next creative endeavor when the Wickliffe Progressive Elementary School PTO reached out in 2017 to run an afterschool class. Although she didn't have a background in education, she knew how to teach fashion as a language to empower kids, "I know when you wear what you love, you stand taller and bullies will be less likely to go after you." Fashion Runway Production started with 2 students in 2017, producing 11 fashion shows in 2022, connecting with over 200 families between afterschool programs, camps, and workshops in Upper Arlington and Columbus.

As the current Senior Marketing and Communications Manager for a local nonprofit, Teixeira's love and passion for children, education, diversity, and social justice combine to advance educational justice for refugee and immigrant youth, providing support and resources to those who need it most. "As an immigrant myself, I'm passionate about empowering others and ensuring that every child has access to the educational opportunities they deserve." And it's this passion that fuels the foundation of Columbus Fashion Academy.


The Four Pillars of Columbus Fashion Academy: Our vision is for everyone to experience Columbus as an authentic global fashion capital, a place where people of all ages, styles and backgrounds are empowered and applauded for being themselves.

  1. education - Stay curious, just keep learning.

  2. people - It's about people, always.

  3. planet - Sustainability. The fashion industry is the #2 factor in polluting our landfills, killing animals and wildlife. We want kids to have a full circle learning, opening their minds to recycling and upcycling, slowing the environmental and human damages fast fashion is causing.

  4. artistic freedom - A human right. Our classes are not about perfection at all, it's about empowering the kids and pushing them to create. We teach fashion as a language of self-discovery, self-respect, self-love and self-confidence.

"Talkingfashion loves working with all people. We are 100% inclusive of all and we love to have a diverse bunch of human beings with us, we don't know another way. Our team and our clients range from ages 10-100 years old, of all genders and expressions, from all over the globe."

Columbus Fashion Academy ensures students experience full circle learning, talking about the values of recycling, upcycling and sustainability, encouraging students to create pieces that become part of their everyday clothing options, reducing waste and the environmental impact of the fashion industry. Visit them online for updates to their classes outside of afterschool programs.

Visit the Columbus Fashion Academy website for ready-to-wear accessories and kids' jewelry making supplies - 100% of the proceeds help fund their youth educational programs. Keep an eye out for unique sustainable handmade pieces coming soon! Follow them on Facebook and Instagram for the latest updates.

Free donation pick-up of the following items is available when hiring Organization Pending for in-person services:

-everything related to sewing projects, from portable sewing machines to dress forms

-jewelry making tools and supplies

-accessories: scarfs, handbags, hair accessories, perfect or broken jewelry

-valuable accessories with historic value for collectors can also be donated - these items will be kept intact and sold through the Talkingfashion website, with 100% of the proceeds benefiting Columbus Fashion Academy's youth educational programs

How to find Columbus Fashion Academy:

Website and Blog: Columbus Fashion Academy Email:

Facebook: Columbus Fashion Academy Instagram: Columbus Fashion Academy

LinkedIn: Columbus Fashion Academy

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Columbus Fashion Academy logo

The Plant Gays

Going Green(er), March 2023

More than 85% of a modern person's life is spent indoors, according to one research study in the Journal of Physiological Anthropology. Implementing plants into your home's recently decluttered spaces assists with keeping those spaces clutter-free, as well as improving air quality, reducing stress, and helping to support cognitive health. Explore all the benefits of houseplants in Piedmont Healthcare's Health Benefits of Indoor Plants.

Hesitating on this household upgrade? Many people have space, light, or maintenance limitations, and they're unsure of what plants could best fit their lifestyle. We checked in with Community Recommendation The Plant Gays to learn more about their interior plant design and repotting services, homemade concrete items, and upcoming expansion news.

During the 2020 lockdown, David Erbe began making concrete planters and collecting house plants as a hobby. Aidan Robinson soon joined talents with Erbe to create an Instagram page and website, bringing The Plant Gays to pop ups and markets, being named one of Columbus Underground's top 10 plant stores and plant nurseries of 2021.

"I majored in Landscape Architecture from OSU and was working in my major for a few years after graduating. However, I needed a change and wasn't finding joy in a desk job behind a computer screen. I always have enjoyed nature, gardening and plants, and I specialize in the plant side of the business." -David Erbe, Co-owner, The Plant Gays

As a current interior designer full time for a furniture company, Co-owner Aidan Robinson specializes in the visual aspects of The Plant Gays, combining Erbe's plant knowledge with his design skill to curate personalized spaces for each client. "Our two passions and experience make the perfect duo, especially with our plant design service," noted Robinson.

This design service is available for residential homes, businesses, or as part of your next event. A complementary home consult starts the process, looking at the space and available natural light, tailoring plant recommendations to your maintenance desires, as well as non-toxic plant considerations for your pets. Repotting services are available in-store for plants in a 6-inch planter or smaller, or they'll come to your home or business for larger plants - email photos of your plant with the current planter size for a free quote. Vacation and corporate packages for watering services are also available, taking one thing off your future to-do list while designing your new space!


Visit their online store for the plants, planters, vases and accessory options you might expect to find, but make sure to scroll through all their offerings for unique gift and aesthetic options, with a limited selection available through DoorDash®. These delivery options are limited to smaller plants (7-inch pot maximum) to ensure safe travels, or stop by their stall in the East Market for their full range of options, including additions from other local creators. "We have three to four local makers in the shop every month. Since opening we have been booking makers a few months in advance. They are sometimes plant related, but don't have to be! We have had many artists sell prints and stickers, along with crochet items, ornaments and much more!" said Erbe about these collections.


With their rapidly growing popularity, Erbe and Robinson announced in January they're hoping to open a second location this year in addition to their East Market stall and online options. There aren't any finalized plans, but they let us know they're focusing efforts on either the Short North Arts District or Franklinton. Follow them on Instagram and Facebook to keep updated, and to get notified about their upcoming giveaway with 614 Magazine! Be sure to say "Hello!" at the pop up on Saturday, March 25 at the North Market Bridge Park in Dublin.


The Plant Gays' Top Five:

Check their online store to see if these best selling items are in stock! Offerings are updated weekly - stop by in-person for first pick on new offerings.

  1. The Plant Gays handmade concrete items

  2. grow candles

  3. body vases

  4. Apollo head vase

  5. ALL of the plant options!


Contact The Plant Gays:

Email: Website:

Facebook: the plant gays Instagram: the.plant.gays

Browse options online Browse DoorDash® for delivery

Plant design, repotting and watering services:

Physical location: 212 Kelton Ave. Text for curbside service: 630-779-3132 Columbus, OH 43205

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The Plant Gays logo

Vintage Solutions

Springing Forward, February 2023

Every household has a collection of loose photographs, home movies, cassettes, family recipes, or kids' art work. At the end of decluttering, when you've sorted out the sentimental items to keep, contact Community Recommendation Vintage Solutions and bring these memories to your daily life. Instead of only boxing your memories to look at periodically, consider digitizing them to share with family and have easy access without worrying about the fragility of the originals - and create a few custom keepsakes of your favorite photos for a personalized gift, or to add a unique touch to your home décor through Vintage Solutions' The Family Collective.

"My memaw fueled my interest [in computers and electronics] from day one. We would spend time together playing games on her computer and hours going through photos until I was falling asleep in her office. My memaw is the one who honestly gave me the passion in preserving family memories." -Jaycee Knox, Owner, Vintage Solutions

As the family "tech" guy, when Knox's grandmother passed away leaving home movies, photos, and handwritten cookbooks that the whole family wanted access to, he digitized the collection, igniting a desire to help others preserve their family memories as well. Opening in 2018, Knox and his husband Adam expanded Vintage Solutions in 2022 to include The Family Collective, creating custom keepsakes and fully bringing their passions for both preserving and creating new family memories to the business.

Along with photos, VHS, cassettes, vinyl records, journals, film and more, Vintage Solutions uses customer needs and feedback to update their service offerings, adding 8-track conversion to their extensive list at the beginning of the year. And unlike most digitizing options on the market, Vintage Solutions doesn't need to sandwich your memories between glass to preserve them - they own a fleet of overhead museum quality scanners. "These unique machines allow us to digitize artifacts, newspapers, or any item smaller than 20 inches by 20 inches," explained Knox. Each item is handled carefully with white gloves, and cleaned before digitizing to ensure the best results.


How it works:

"Vintage Solutions has created a straightforward process to preserve family memories with ease, saving time, money and sanity. If a customer has an idea of what they would like digitized, simply schedule an appointment [online, call or text - details below] to drop off your memories, or contact us for a consultation and quote. When items are dropped off, we will sort, clean and digitize those memories. Once digitizing is complete, customers will receive all of their original memories along with a personalized online link to view, download and share." -Jaycee Knox, Owner, Vintage Solutions

For customers with a large number of items, Vintage Solutions offers three Fit & Scan options, letting you purchase bulk digitization of multiple formats at one price with no hidden fees. Boxes hold between 1,500 and 4,200 4x6 photos (or mix and match visual/audio formats), with pricing starting at $292.50.

As Ohio's only Certified LGBTBE® (LGBT Business Enterprise) digitizing business, "We are very proud of who we are, and we include our wedding photos on display items," says Knox. "I am very vocal about my story and struggles in hopes that someone else will hear it and find that there are others just like them."

Vintage Solutions supports the Trevor Project with a portion of sales from their "Be Scared and Do it Anyway" shirts.


Vintage Solutions' Top Five

Check out the top five requested items for digitization, and the top selling custom keepsake from The Family Collective!

  1. slides

  2. VHS tapes (1/2 off right now!)

  3. family cookbooks

  4. audio cassettes

  5. photos


After digitizing, customers have the option to purchase a custom made keepsake, including The Family Collective's top selling heart-shaped natural rock slates.


Contact Vintage Solutions:

Email: hello@myvintage Website:

Facebook: Vintage Solutions Instagram: @myvintagesolutions

Set up an appointment: or call/text

Call or text: (614) 787-5060

Address (by appointment only): 200 E Campus View Blvd Ste 200

Columbus, OH 43235

Contact Owner Jaycee Knox directly:

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Wonderwoman Fitness

New Year: Improved You, December 2022

Creating and maintaining a fitness routine is the #1 New Year's resolution, and one that many of us make year after year without success. Break the cycle this year with a personal trainer who emphasizes fitness for mental health, and feeling confident in your own body. We reached out to Community Recommendation Wonderwoman Fitness to learn more about their adult and youth services, offered virtually!

"I love fitness because you're not in competition with anybody, and you don't have to prove anything to anyone. You don't have to be someone you're not, you're vulnerable even when you don't have to be, and you're able to dig really deep and prove to yourself that no matter what others think of you, you are in charge of your own fitness. You don't need to feel like you have to fit the status quo or have a certain level of popularity or a huge monetary budget. You don't have to be someone you're not in order to fit in. Fitness is a world that I can be in without judgment, it's not a chore or a job, it becomes a part of you. It's boundless." -Shay-Lon Moss ACSM CPT (she/her), Wonderwoman Fitness, Owner

A long time athlete, Moss studied Exercise Science in college, starting a fitness blog for a class assignment. When it gained over 10,000 subscribers in less than a year, she realized "it wasn't just fitness people that read my blog, it was moms and people who worked in other occupations. It was attracting people from all walks of life, who wouldn't normally read a fitness blog." Expanding post topics over the years, Moss now includes informative posts on exercises, technique and form, experiences, pros and cons, and mental health. You may recognize her name from articles in top tier fitness magazines and websites, including 15 Min Post-Workout Fat Blasting Circuit Routine in Muscle & Strength. With the popularity of the blog rising, Moss gained business knowledge working in a gym until moving to Columbus and starting Wonderwoman Fitness at the end of 2020.

"I started Wonderwoman Fitness because I always had the dream to be my own boss and offer people a safe haven to reach goals and build upon self-love and self-confidence that gyms often don't offer people, or mainstream trainers don't offer people because they have so many clients." -Shay-Lon Moss ACSM CPT (she/her), Wonderwoman Fitness, Owner

Combining her degree and personal experience using exercise to express and process mental health challenges, Moss strives to bring fitness training to anyone looking to feel more confident in their bodies. "I try to help people focus not on pleasing the people around them, but on feeling confident in their own body, no matter the shape or size. My business is LGBTQIA+ and minority owned, and I welcome people of all gender identities and sexual orientations. [As] a member of the community, I am intimately familiar with the challenges they face. "

Moss starts building each client's personalized program with a free consultation, learning how you currently feel and what your goals are aside from appearance or physical gains. "Research shows that if we make our lifestyle changes based on our health rather than on appearance, we are more likely to sustain those changes," she explains. Specializing in competitive and non-competitive strength training; developmental disabilities; sport-specific exercises for basketball, softball, and track and field; and stress management, each program is built on Moss' foundation of "fitness for mental well-being, which includes building on self-confidence, learning what works for you as an individual, and nutritional information that fuels the body as well as the mind." Available virtually to individuals and small groups of two to four people, Wonderwoman Fitness is offering 50% off your first session to anyone who subscribes to their Fitness Updates and mentions you read about them in Organization Pending's Newsroom!


Wonderwoman Fitness' Top 5

Looking for tips on starting and maintaining a daily self care routine? Check out Wonderwoman Fitness' top five recommendations for physical and mental well-being, directly from owner Shay-Lon Moss' personal life!

  1. Meditation Guided meditation for 2-5 minutes, especially mantras or motivational speaking.

  2. Fitness Completing my gym routine.

  3. Nature Taking time to walk with my partner and her dog on long hiking trips.

  4. Cooking Cooking meals keeps me off the couch Moss on a hike with her partner. Photo credit: Wonderwoman Fitness. and I enjoy prepping healthy meals.

  5. Music Listening to music that flows with how I feel at that particular time.


Contact Wonderwoman Fitness:

Email: Instagram: shay_fitnesswonderwoman

Website: LinkedIn: Shay Fitness Wonderwoman


Subscribe to Wonderwoman Fitness' blog and mention Organization Pending's Newsroom for

50% your first session with Wonderwoman Fitness after your free consultation!

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Dodo Expeditions

Sliding Into Winter, November 2022

If you're looking for an experience based gift that is both usable and unique, consider gifting a trip to your partner, family, and other loved ones to create unforgettable memories together. We reached out to Community Recommendation Dodo Expeditions for family and adult vacation ideas, and to highlight this amazing service to save you time and money this holiday season.


Did you know travel agents are the hidden gems behind travel organization? After leaving her career in 2020 to focus on her family and teach her children during the pandemic, Owner and Travel Specialist of Dodo Expeditions, Nicole Mungur, wanted to step into a new path that would let her pursue her passions: traveling and helping others.

An avid traveler since babyhood, she's made many memories with her family in Myrtle Beach, remembering her first flight on Piedmont Airlines in 1987 to San Francisco from Cincinnati. A more recent milestone was her first international adventure in 2020--a 15 hour, non-stop flight to South Africa!

A chance to refocus her career allowed Mungur to start bringing her personal expertise and joy to fellow adventuring travelers in July 2022. Wanting to honor her Mauritian family, the Dodo Expeditions name was born, her young son the designer and creator of the business's logo. 

"I went into this never having used a travel agent. I can't believe how much money I wasted by planning vacations on my own! I had the misunderstanding that using a specialist would cost more and not save money. We have the resources to find unpublished deals." -Nicole Mungur, Dodo Expeditions, Owner and Travel Specialist

Curious about current trends? Mungur reports that since opening, the most requested bookings are for Disney World vacations and international travel to Mauritius, London and Amsterdam. Scroll through Dodo Expeditions' recent posts on Facebook to find additional exclusive deals and travel inspiration.

Need an easy choice? Check out Dodo Expeditions' top five choices for travelling throughout the year below, or email for a personalized recommendation today!

Dodo Expeditions' Top 5

  1. Caribbean, year-round. You will never find more amazing water or beaches practically in our backyard.

  2. Puerto Rico, year-round. Same reason! There aren't "all inclusive" resorts in Puerto Rico because they want you to go out and truly experience the island, culture, and people.

  3. Las Vegas, October-April (because 100 degree heat looks good on no one). I adore Vegas, yet I hate to gamble. My first trip to Vegas was in '03 and I've been at least six times since. It's absolutely over the top and exceeds expectations. I specifically love the live entertainment and the varied themes of the resorts.

  4. Southern California, year-round. SoCal has absolutely everything! Wine country of Temecula, the snowy mountains of Big Bear, and the quintessential beach life with more than 100 named beaches, not the mention Hollywood and Disneyland. Just don't go into the Pacific without a wetsuit! It's cold year-round!

  5. A Cruise, year-round. There are so many cruise lines these days that there is something for everyone. I'd suggest Princess Cruise Line for Alaska, Virgin Voyages for a more eco-friendly and adults-only experience, Royal Caribbean for families with teens, and Disney or Carnival for families with younger children.

Contact Dodo Expeditions:

Email: Text: 513-519-8482

Facebook: nicoledeannatravel Browse travel options online

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