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Meet the Organizer

Organizer Tabi standing in a rainbow crosswalk, wearing a tshirt , Organization Pending LLC and logo

Hi! I'm Tabi (they/them).

My background includes a decade in libraries, and eight years in retail management. When I discovered I enjoyed organizing for friends and family, it quickly became a passion as I learned more about the profession and started working with clients.

My favorite part of this career is hard to choose, but the variety of challenges I find in each new space is always exciting!

When I'm not at work, I'm usually found with a book, taking a walk or hike in nature, and spending time with loved ones. 

"Creating functional spaces to serve you."

Serving Columbus, OH and nearby areas since 2022; Organization Pending focuses on whole home organization, family life, moving preparation/set up, and more

Organization Pending is proud to be a Better Business Bureau® Accredited Business, and LGBTQIA+ -owned and operated.​ Learn more about Tabi and Organization Pending's beginnings here.

On the Job

 pet friendly business, cat
vanity makeup organizing
Organization Pending home organizer shed garage
Organizer at work with vanity makeup
pet friendly business, dog
Organizer at work, shed garage
kids children bedroom, stuffed animals
Tabi the Organizer at their desk, on a Zoom call with a client
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