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Going Green(er)

Updated: Aug 11, 2023


March 2023 Organization Pending Newsroom Upper Arlington, Ohio


green trees and bushes in sunlight

Welcome to Organization Pending's Newsroom, March 2023: Going Green(er) edition.

This month, we'll be exploring resources in the community to help you go green(er) this Earth Day, April 22, with recycling options for electronics, household hazards, and more.

Get outdoors to celebrate Earth Day, including opportunities for helping our local environment and free programs for education, gardening, and meeting like-minded community members.

Don't miss our highlight on the benefits of houseplants with Community Recommendation The Plant Gays, and a booklover Tip of the Month to save you money and help you declutter.

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Celebrating and Caring for Earth

statue of a Mother Earth figure in a dress with vines for hair

Looking for Earth Day events? keeps an updated list as they're registered, and visit The Great Global Cleanup campaign for information on events near you, or start your own!

Clear invasive plant species in neighborhood parks and community areas with the Friends of UA Parks from 9am-noon once a month on Saturdays. Long pants and closed-toed shoes are required, and all tools are provided--see their volunteer safety tips, find the waiver and first-time information here. Join them next week, March 25, in Thompson Park for clearing, then meet up for their planting event on April 15! This is a family-friendly event, but supplies are limited.

Interested in checking your yard for invasive species? Check out the Ohio Invasive Plants Council's list, and find tips for dealing with a variety of species on the Friends of UA Parks website.

Head over to the main branch of Upper Arlington Public Library on Saturday, April 1 from 10am - 2pm for the Sustainability Fair 2023, co-sponsored by Sustainable UA. Drop off e-waste recycling, create native bee houses, visit with local organizations, and learn more about sustainable community efforts in a variety of short presentations throughout the day. Don't miss headliner Catherine Zimmerman, award-winning documentary filmmaker and environmental educator - visit for more information on all events and presenters.

two ducks on rocks near a river, a branch hangs over them

Are you a gardener? Stop by Garden Swap at the Miller Park Library Saturday, April 15 from 10am-4pm to swap excess healthy plants, cuttings, pottery, tools, seeds and more with your neighbors!

Join horticulturist expert Debra Knapke on April 20, from 6:30-7:30pm, at the Upper Arlington Public Library for her talk, Gardening with Nature in Mind. Knapke will share ideas and tools for working with nature to create sustainable yards, and take a look for her books at the library while you're there, or download the app and reserve them today.

Prescription Drug Take Back Day is Saturday, April 22 from 10am-2pm at Fire Station 72, 3861 Reed Road. Drop off expired and unused prescription medications for proper disposal drive-thru style. Upper Arlington Public Library reported the Upper Arlington High School PTO will be hosting a Shred It Day for your bulk paper shredding needs the same day from 10am-1pm.

curved and twisted dead tree

Are you a "lover of the strange, unusual and bizarre"? The Oddities & Curiosities Expo is coming to Columbus Saturday, April 22nd 10am-6pm, and Sunday, April 23rd 10am-4pm, in the Bricker Building on the Ohio State Fairgrounds. Tickets are $15 day-of, or save $5 by purchasing in advance - ages 12 and under are free. The Oddities Museum this year features The Cryptic Collection of a Mad Clown for an additional $7 or $5 in advance - some of these specimens may not be suitable for everyone.

Interested in learning how to preserve nature through taxidermy? They're offering a different class each day, preferred 18+, 16 with parental consent. These day-long classes are $235 for Saturday's general skills class, including how to set up a habitat, and $350 for Sunday's specialty class. Each class includes a prepared hide and supplies.

Blooms and Butterflies is back at the Franklin Park Conservatory and Botanical Gardens! Take a walk with exotic butterflies in a tropical environment through May 29. General admission from 10am-5pm during days with bright, clear sunlight is recommended for the best butterfly activity. Reserve tickets online: children under 3 are free, 3-12 are $15, ages 13-59 are $22, and 60+ are $19. The first Sunday of each month are Community Days, with free admission for residents of Franklin County and the City of Columbus--check in with a valid ID at the Visitors Center, tickets can not be reserved.

looking up through the trees at the sky on a sunny day

Take the kids out for a nature walk, or plan a get together for a closer observation of our local parks! The City of Upper Arlington hosts self-guided Tree Trek walking tours for Fancyburg, Miller, Northam and Thompson Parks. Pull up the map and list for each park on your phone, or print it out to include your own seasonal observations. Each tree on the tour has a corresponding marker, ensuring correct identification and learning opportunities. Explore Smith Nature Park with their guide on the history of different features you'll see, and use the Ohio Public Library Information Network's "What Tree Is It" website to identify trees by their leaves or fruit, or to learn more about specific species by name.


Community Alert

Fire hydrant flushing will be happening during the weekdays, April 17-May 5 as part of annual maintenance. The City reports most residents will not notice a difference in their water supply, but some may experience water discoloration. Take a look at the Hydrant Flushing Districts Map to mark your day on the calendar - the City recommends refraining from doing laundry that day, running the washer on cold until the water runs clear, draining it before your next load to prevent staining.


Going Green(er): Community Resources for Recycling

Last month, we discussed local opportunities for selling and donation after decluttering. Take a look at February's "Springing Forward" edition of the Newsroom for this information, and find additional resources on Organization Pending's Community Recommendations page.

Join us this month to explore community resources for keeping items out of landfills, including electronics, household hazards, and food composting options.

pile of cords and electronics

Recycle phones and tablets for cash through ecoATM kiosks located throughout the community - make sure to call beforehand if recycling tablets, not all kiosks are able to accept them. These self-service stations are able to offer the most cash on items that are charged, able to turn on, and are reset, but they will also accept items with broken screens or other defects.

Accurate IT Services offers household and business bulk recycling of most items you can plug in or charge. Some items do come with a small cost to recycle, based on its components. Take a look at the list of commonly recycled e-waste, or call about your specific needs.

Did you find expired pharmaceuticals while you were decluttering before spring cleaning? There are multiple permanent drug drop-off locations available, in addition to annual National Prescription Drug Take-Back Days at participating locations, including the above mentioned local event on April 22.

Household hazards are common items that we know shouldn't go in the trash, but we're not quite sure where they should go, either. The Solid Waste Authority of Central Ohio (SWACO) operates a Household Hazardous Waste Center for Franklin County residents - drop off flammables, batteries, lightbulbs, household cleaners and more for safe disposal. Take a look at SWACO's bulk recycling collection centers for cardboard, glass, cans and plastics as well!

Did you make the switch to reusable grocery bags and need to recycle the plastic ones that collected? Your local grocery store may have a drop-off box, take a look at your location online!

food waste compost containers and sign

Have you been curious about composting at home for your garden, or you simply want to cut down on the amount of trash you have at the curb every week? The Environmental Protection Agency put together a how-to and general information guide for the DIY gardener, including two options for at-home composting.

food waste compost containers and sign

Prefer to contribute to a community effort? The City of Upper Arlington partnered with GoZero in 2019 to offer three locations for residents to drop off compostable items. Many people interested in this option keep compost items in a bag or container in the freezer for occasional drop offs of foods and animal waste, used paper towels and napkins, and items labeled "BPI Certified." Find the complete list of accepted items, restrictions, and details on the drop-off locations at the Municipal Services Center, Amelita Mirolo Barn, and Fancyburg Park on the City's website: Food Waste Collection Programs.


The Plant Gays: Community Recommendation Highlight

The Plant Gays logo. Name with two leaves on either side.

More than 85% of a modern person's life is spent indoors, according to one research study in the Journal of Physiological Anthropology. Implementing plants into your home's recently decluttered spaces assists with keeping those spaces clutter-free, as well as improving air quality, reducing stress, and helping to support cognitive health. Explore all the benefits of houseplants in Piedmont Healthcare's Health Benefits of Indoor Plants.

Hesitating on this household upgrade? Many people have space, light, or maintenance limitations, and they're unsure of what plants could best fit their lifestyle. We checked in with Community Recommendation The Plant Gays to learn more about their interior plant design and repotting services, homemade concrete items, and upcoming expansion news.

During the 2020 lockdown, David Erbe began making concrete planters and collecting house plants as a hobby. Aidan Robinson soon joined talents with Erbe to create an Instagram page and website, bringing The Plant Gays to pop ups and markets, being named one of Columbus Underground's top 10 plant stores and plant nurseries of 2021.

"I majored in Landscape Architecture from OSU and was working in my major for a few years after graduating. However, I needed a change and wasn't finding joy in a desk job behind a computer screen. I always have enjoyed nature, gardening and plants, and I specialize in the plant side of the business." -David Erbe, Co-owner, The Plant Gays
Co-owners David Erbe and Aidan Robinson in their East Market stall
David Erbe and Aidan Robinson, Co-owners

As a current interior designer full time for a furniture company, Co-owner Aidan Robinson specializes in the visual aspects of The Plant Gays, combining Erbe's plant knowledge with his design skill to curate personalized spaces for each client. "Our two passions and experience make the perfect duo, especially with our plant design service," noted Robinson.

This design service is available for residential homes, businesses, or as part of your next event. A complementary home consult starts the process, looking at the space and available natural light, tailoring plant recommendations to your maintenance desires, as well as non-toxic plant considerations for your pets. Repotting services are available in-store for plants in a 6-inch planter or smaller, or they'll come to your home or business for larger plants - email photos of your plant with the current planter size for a free quote. Vacation and corporate packages for watering services are also available, taking one thing off your future to-do list while designing your new space!

long shot of The Plant Gays East Market stall with a stand for local makers and accessories

Visit their online store for the plants, planters, vases and accessory options you might expect to find, but make sure to scroll through all their offerings for unique gift and aesthetic options, with a limited selection available through DoorDash®. These delivery options are limited to smaller plants (7-inch pot maximum) to ensure safe travels, or stop by their stall in the East Market for their full range of options, including additions from other local creators. "We have three to four local makers in the shop every month. Since opening we have been booking makers a few months in advance. They are sometimes plant related, but don't have to be! We have had many artists sell prints and stickers, along with crochet items, ornaments and much more!" said Erbe about these collections.

With their rapidly growing popularity, Erbe and Robinson announced in January they're hoping to open a second location this year in addition to their East Market stall and online options. There aren't any finalized plans, but they let us know they're focusing efforts on either the Short North Arts District or Franklinton. Follow them on Instagram and Facebook to keep updated, and to get notified about their upcoming giveaway with 614 Magazine! Be sure to say "Hello!" at the pop up on Saturday, March 25 at the North Market Bridge Park in Dublin.

The Plant Gays' Top Five:

Erbe and Robinson repotting a customer's plant in-store

Check their online store to see if these best selling items are in stock! Offerings are updated weekly - stop by in-person for first pick on new offerings.

Contact The Plant Gays:

Facebook: the plant gays Instagram: the.plant.gays

Browse options online Browse DoorDash® for delivery

Plant design, repotting and watering services:

Physical location: 212 Kelton Ave. Text for curbside service: 630-779-3132 Columbus, OH 43205


Tip of the Month

Books are easy to collect, and it's easy to find reasons to buy more, but they also are some of the heaviest belongings during the moving process, and when the piles of unread books are taking over your's time to find a better way.

four bookshelves arranged in a library-type fashion in the corner of a living room

Use Upper Arlington Public Library's "50 Books" program (page 20 of the link) as a way to challenge yourself this year! Stop by any UA Library location for a reading log, or track on your own and stop by the library when you reach 50 books to pick up a prize while supplies last. Connect with other local readers to keep you motivated on the UAPL Adult Services page on Goodreads.

Before purchasing books, check them out for free, and don't forget about their audiobook and eBook options. Can't find what you're looking for in their catalog? They take purchase suggestions, or check out their new releases and reading list recommendations for ideas. If you won't read that book time and time again after all, you've saved yourself money, and space in your home.

If your own collection is overwhelming, or you haven't read much of what's on your bookshelf, use the library's "50 Books" program as a way to decide if you want these titles as part of your permanent collection. Sell the decluttered books for a bulk cash offer at Half Price Books, or donate directly to Free Little Libraries in your community.


LGBTQIA+ Resource

Kaleidoscope Youth Center Speaking Queerly podcast episode "We're Back!"

The Speaking Queerly podcast, hosted by Columbus's Kaleidoscope Youth Center, is back after their three episode introduction before the pandemic. Exploring current events, legislation, pop culture, intersectionality and more, the four hosts accept questions or suggestions on topics to discuss from young people and anyone listening at Catch up with their previous episodes on being Black and Queer in Columbus, and discussion on LGBTQIA+ Health with a guest from Mozaic/Equitas Health, available on Apple™ or Spotify™.


Company News

To honor our own going green(er) commitment this year, Organization Pending is happy to announce an upcoming partnership with Talkingfashion Inc. to benefit the Columbus Fashion Academy! Join the Newsroom next month for a deep dive on what this unique company is doing around the community, and how decluttering with Organization Pending can benefit local children's creativity and self-confidence!

Keep an eye on Organization Pending's social media for an exclusive upcoming offer with Vintage Solutions - learn more about them, their memory preservation techniques, and keepsake options in last month's "Springing Forward" Newsroom.


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