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In-Person and Virtual Services

Creating functionality and serenity in spaces currently creating frustration, Organization Pending works with you to declutter your space and organize items in a way to better serve you and your household.


"There's not a right way to organize, there's a right way for you and your family."

The Mission: When clients choose Organization Pending, Tabi the Organizer (they/them) strives to provide Columbus homeowners and renters with the skills and knowledge to declutter and organize effectively, unlocking their home's full potential. Through our work together, clients and participating family members learn the steps of decluttering and organizing with personalized tips for their household, building motivation and momentum to start working on other pending projects in their homes. 

About Organization Pending

Serving Columbus, OH and nearby areas since 2022; Organization Pending focuses on whole home organization, family life, moving preparation/set up, and more. Learn more about Tabi the Organizer (they/them) and their journey to home organizing!

Organization Pending is proud to be a Better Business Bureau® Accredited Business, and LGBTQIA+ -owned and operated.

  • Take a look at Organization Pending's list of Community Recommendations for decluttering, donation, moving, family, professional services, and LGBTQIA+ resources. 

  • Subscribe for free to the monthly Newsroom - a themed look at the month ahead, with Upper Arlington and Columbus recommendations, community resources, organizer tips, and more.

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