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Columbus Decluttering, Donation, and Recycling Resources

Since 2022, Organization Pending has served Columbus, OH and the surrounding areas, creating functional spaces to serve you. 

Take a closer look at some of your local Upper Arlington and Columbus resources for decluttering, donation and recycling, or visit the Community Recommendations page for a complete list.

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Columbus Blessing Boxes

Loving Columbus, January 2024

Sometimes the holiday season starts with the best of intentions to make several dishes and treats, and then other plans are made. I'm dropping off our unused goods before they expire - Columbus Blessing Boxes are located around the city, allowing anyone at anytime to access "non-perishable food items, basic toiletries, baby supplies, pet food, or anything else that might be considered a blessing to someone in need.". Growing to over 100 locations in the Columbus community since January 2018, Columbus Blessing Boxes' founder "wanted our children to know that every good deed counts and that we can all help in some way, big or small," starting Columbus Blessing Boxes so the whole family could participate in a charitable organization directly impacting their community.

Have other items to donate after the holidays? Make sure to visit Organization Pending's list of Decluttering and Donation resources on the Community Recommendation page.

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Columbus Blessing box with non-perishable food and toiletries

Holiday, Seasonal, and Local Decluttering Events

Spooky Season Columbus, September 2023

Are you looking at the turning leaves and thinking about upcoming seasonal yard work? Visit The City of Columbus' Yard Waste Collection page (updated from last year!) for your year-round options, and stay up-to-date with the City of Upper Arlington's annual Leaf Collection program from mid-October through early December. The City would like to remind residents that leaf piles should be placed at the end of the curb, but not in the street or gutters, and not near sign posts, light poles, trees, or mailboxes. Parked vehicles should be at least fifteen feet away from leaf piles, and leaf piles should not contain rocks, sticks, firewood, pumpkins or any objects other than leaves to ensure the safety and accessibility for leaf collection crews.

If you're carving or decorating pumpkins this year, make sure to compost them at Fancyburg Park November 1-December 8! Special collection containers only for pumpkins will be available from Halloween Weekend through early December. Have food scraps to compost? Fancyburg has green food waste containers year-round! The City asks that pumpkins not be placed in the green containers, and food waste not be placed in the pumpkin containers.

Putting up lights? Make sure to collect any unusable strands for recycling after the winter holidays through January. The City offers this special service annually, as holiday light strands require specific recycling services, and can cause major issues if placed in the regular blue recycling bins. You can find these holiday light recycling bins, and year-round food waste composting bins, behind the Municipal Services Center building at 3600 Tremont Road.


Take a look at UA Insight to learn about periodic Prescription Drug Take-Back days and Household Hazardous Waste Drop-off events from the Solid Waste Authority of Central Ohio (SWACO). Visit their website for year-round disposal options.

Keep an eye on Upper Arlington Public Library's event calendar for their periodic Garden Swamp events, trading excess healthy plants, cuttings, seeds, pottery, tools, and other supplies with your community!

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Community Resources for Recycling

Going Green(er), March 2023

Last month, we discussed local opportunities for selling and donation after decluttering. Take a look at February's "Springing Forward" edition of the Newsroom for this information, and find additional resources on Organization Pending's Community Recommendations page.

Join us this month to explore community resources for keeping items out of landfills, including electronics, household hazards, and food composting options.

Recycle phones and tablets for cash through ecoATM kiosks located throughout the community - make sure to call beforehand if recycling tablets, not all kiosks are able to accept them. These self-service stations are able to offer the most cash on items that are charged, able to turn on, and are reset, but they will also accept items with broken screens or other defects.

Accurate IT Services offers household and business bulk recycling of most items you can plug in or charge. Some items do come with a small cost to recycle, based on its components. Take a look at the list of commonly recycled e-waste, or call about your specific needs.

Did you find expired pharmaceuticals while you were decluttering before spring cleaning? There are multiple permanent drug drop-off locations available, in addition to annual National Prescription Drug Take-Back Days at participating locations on April 22.

Household hazards are common items that we know shouldn't go in the trash, but we're not quite sure where they should go, either. The Solid Waste Authority of Central Ohio (SWACO) operates a Household Hazardous Waste Center for Franklin County residents - drop off flammables, batteries, lightbulbs, household cleaners and more for safe disposal. Take a look at SWACO's bulk recycling collection centers for cardboard, glass, cans and plastics as well!

Did you make the switch to reusable grocery bags and need to recycle the plastic ones that collected? Your local grocery store may have a drop-off box, take a look at your location online!

Have you been curious about composting at home for your garden, or you simply want to cut down on the amount of trash you have at the curb every week? The Environmental Protection Agency put together a how-to and general information guide for the DIY gardener, including two options for at-home composting.


Prefer to contribute to a community effort? The City of Upper Arlington partnered with GoZero in 2019 to offer three locations for residents to drop off compostable items. Many people interested in this option keep compost items in a bag or container in the freezer for occasional drop offs of foods and animal waste, used paper towels and napkins, and items labeled "BPI Certified." Find the complete list of accepted items, restrictions, and details on the drop-off locations at the Municipal Services Center, Amelita Mirolo Barn, and Fancyburg Park on the City's website: Food Waste Collection Programs.

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electronics for recycling

Declutter, Recycle, Donate

Springing Forward, February 2023

There are many ways to recycle and donate items after decluttering, including listing items for sale through social media platforms, or listing items for free community pickup on Freecycle. When listing items on these sites, set a time limit before donating or trashing items. Often, having the available space in your home is more valuable than the headache of online selling can be.

Looking for another way to make some cash? Half Price Books makes a bulk offer on many items in good condition, donating or recycling what they're not able to use in their stores. Books, movies, magazines, CDs, records, game systems and more are sellable--call your local store if you have any questions on the items they buy.

Want to donate your common household items to organizations doing good in the community? Habitat for Humanity supports families building and improving their homes, and their stores take donations of building materials, appliances, housewares and more.

The Furniture Bank of Central Ohio helps families affected by homelessness, domestic violence and other crises through the community's donated furniture, and they are one of the few options available for donating gently used mattresses. They offer donation pick-up, and host an updated list of the most needed items on the front page of their website.

Out of the Closet uses 96 cents of every dollar they make to support the AIDS Healthcare Foundation, providing HIV testing, treatment and prevention services at their locations and around the world. This small thrift store has some limitations on the items they're able to accept - contact the local store at (614) 291-2680 with questions, or to schedule a large donation pick-up.


Take a look at the full list of Community Recommendations from Organization Pending for more resources on donation and recycling.

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Giving Back While Decluttering

Sliding Into Winter, November 2022

Many of us use the holiday season as a reason to declutter before intaking presents. This is especially true for children, who benefit the most from a yearly decluttering of toys they've grown out of or unattached to.

The Children's Advocacy Project hosts a list of local organizations that help children, teens and families with a variety of needs. Scroll through their list to find where your specific donations could find their best fit!

Did you just get through decluttering your household's books? Pass along these stories and knowledge freely to your community in Little Free Library kiosks! A location map is available online or through their app.

Do you have a variety of items for all ages and want to help your community anonymously? Consider the Columbus Blessing Boxes Project, 24/7 access to household goods, necessities, and other "blessings" located around the city.

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