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Organizing Love

Updated: Aug 11, 2023


January 2023 Organization Pending Newsroom Upper Arlington, Ohio


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Welcome to Organization Pending's Newsroom, January 2023: Organizing Love edition.

This month, we'll be looking at a unique way to celebrate love of self, family, and partner(s), based on an idea from the Organizer's life! Discover a variety of ways to celebrate Black History Month around the community, and resources for finding and supporting Black and minority owned businesses year-round! Check out the Tip of the Month for online dating, LGBTQIA+ Resource for social groups, and don't miss the double Book of the Month recommendation from popular comedic personality Amber Ruffin and her sister Lacey!

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Organizing Date Day: Valentine's Day for Your Loved One(s)

red rose close up

Those of you who read November's "Sliding Into Winter" edition of the Newsroom will be familiar with our emphasis on creating experiences and spending time with those dearest to us. For this Valentine's Day, consider putting together one or several Mystery Dates! Use these to celebrate the holiday with your partner(s), children, or take yourself out on a self-care or single's date!

Do you pass by a store or restaurant and always say, "Oh! We've been meaning to check that place out!" Is there somewhere you take the kids that you always feel rushed through? Do you enjoy exploring new places and supporting local minority-owned businesses? The home organizer behind Organization Pending used these kinds of ideas to put together a series of Mystery Dates for their partner!

On the outside of a vaguely decorated envelope, they put details such as if the date was indoor or outdoor, the distance from the house, open/holiday hours of the business if needed, and appropriate way to dress (one date required sturdy clothing, boots, and a flashlight!). Many of these included a "stop along the way" to get coffee before the date--one of the Organizer and their partner's favorite treats. The card inside had the location and additional details of the date, and the money or gift card for the excursion! These Mystery Dates create year-round opportunities to take time out of busy lives and focus on each other, without the stress of figuring out what to do.

envelope with Mystery Date #5 written in block letters, outdoor, daytime, 16 minute drive and stop along the way also written

Want a quick list of local businesses and restaurants? Check out Experience Columbus's lists of Black and Queer -owned local businesses, and Organization Pending's Community Recommendations of LGBTQIA+ -owned and affirming local businesses.

Planning a Mystery Date for you and your children? The Columbus Metropolitan Library is offering Culture Passes for in-person checkout, allowing free admission to nine central Ohio organizations, including the Ballet Met, Columbus Museum of Art, Columbus Zoo, Franklin Park Conservatory, and Ohio History Center.

Want to plan a Valentine's Day specific Mystery Date for your partner(s)? For music and science lovers, check out Science, Love & Rock N Roll, part of the COSI After Dark event series for ages 21+. Enjoy music, concessions and the science behind Rock n' Roll February 9, 7-10pm. Purchase tickets at the door for $30, or save $10 and buy in advance.

Enjoy haunted houses? Get in line for Fear Columbus' Love is in the Scare, February 10-12, or sign up for their emails to go next year--these events sell out quickly.

On February 18 from 7pm-10pm, Mozaic will host a night of music, food, door prizes and community with their 3rd Annual Winter Formal at 188 McDowell Street. Formal dress is required for this free event, and no registration is required. Considering planning a trip for your Mystery Date? Reach out to Community Recommendation Dodo Expeditions for ideas and updated special offerings only available through a travel agent! Learn more about this business in our Community Recommendation Highlight from November's "Sliding Into Winter" Newsroom.

Looking for adult themed gift ideas? Take a look at Hoelistic Shop's body-safe and organic collections, or book a consultation as a Mystery Date for a personalized recommendation. Learn more about owner Sadea Bryant's mission, and emphasis on "Educated Good Clean Fun," based in her experience as a Queer Black Femme and mother.

close up of potted plant with a pride flag on a toothpick in the dirt

Have you considered combining Valentine's Day efforts into something everyone in the household can enjoy on a daily basis? Add to the atmosphere and health of your living space with The Plant Gays! If you're already an indoor plant enthusiast, take a look at their online shop, Doordash delivery options, or purchase a gift card and plan a date day to their shop in East Market! Want a professional design for your space, or are you unsure of the best plants for your space, light, and maintenance needs? The Plant Gays offer custom design and repotting services for your home with a free consultation.


Celebrating Black History Month

picture of Love Stands Tall mural, tall African women in colorful dresses with a heart at the center. Links provided at the end of the article.
Love Stands Tall; Beverly Whiteside. Part of the Unconventional Mural Series in the Short North Arts District.*

On Thursday, February 9 at 6:30pm in Upper Arlington Public Library, join Professor of African-American Studies and Music at the Ohio State University, Ted McDaniel, for an hour of Understanding Black History Through Black Music. Using recorded music, McDaniel will explore aspects and periods of Black history up to modern times in this registration free event.

The Ohio History Center at 800 East 17th Avenue will be hosting filmmaker Donte Woods-Spikes on February 26 from 1-3pm for a viewing of his film, As A Matter of Black, documenting works by local artists during times of civil unrest. Woods-Spikes and artists featured in the film will lead a discussion following the film.

Join The Ohio State University from February 24 - March 5 for The 45th African American Heritage Festival, centering around the Swahili word "Umoja," Unity. This week long festival will feature a variety show, poetry showcase, annual Gospel Fest, cultural awareness programs, and much more!

Follow Columbus Black History on Facebook to learn and share information on historical houses, establishments, people, and news. The administrator of this account, Rita Fuller-Yates, is a local historian and author, who offers hour and a half long Black History Bus Tours for groups and organizations. This tour isn't recommended for children under 10, but a virtual alternative is available, including videos, photographs, and information about each location.

Columbus Black History Tours: Exploring Columbus' rich African American History, a screenshot from their website

Take yourself and other art lovers through Columbus on a self-guided tour of the Cbus Soul Sculpture Trail, celebrating African American culture from African American artists in partnership with the Greater Columbus Arts Council.

Support the Black Queer & Intersectional Collective, a grassroots community organization in Central Ohio. You might be familiar with the annual autumn Community Pride they started in 2018, centering intersectional voices, or their every day efforts in supporting Black LGBTQIA+ people in Columbus. Check out their reoccurring events, virtual Black Power Book Club and Free Resource Fridays (donate resources here).

If you missed this resource in "Organizing for Date Day", check out Experience Columbus's list of Black-Owned local businesses to explore and support around town, and bookmark it to find local professionals when you need them throughout the year, or to find festivals and events to attend!

Home Organizers--did you know about the National Association of Black Professional Organizers for Organizers who identify as Black, Indigenous, or a Person of Color? Support them with follows and likes on their socials, or check out how to join them or their allies program for community support and learning opportunities.

*Find more information on the artist Beverly Whiteside and the Unconventional Mural Series.


Book of the Month

Tabi Berkey

book cover of You'll Never Believe What Happened to Lacey: Crazy Stories About Racism, by Amber Ruffin and Lacey Lamar

In their first book, You'll Never Believe What Happened to Lacey: Crazy Stories About Racism, sisters Amber Ruffin and Lacey Lamar focus mostly on stories of microaggressions and blatant racism that have happened to Lacey between the years of 1980-2020 in Midwest America. I laughed, I swore, and I got a bit misty from these stories that were, at times, life-threatening. Published in 2021, the next installment of stories came out in November 2022, and this time, the whole family and a few friends were invited too.

The World Record Book of Racist Stories brings intergenerational and intersectional voices to the storytelling, from their reverend sister Angie working throughout the Midwest, to their friend, former State Senator Tanya Cook, including all new stories of hair touching and hilarious mistaken identities.

book cover of The World Record Book of Racist Stories, by Amber Ruffin and Lacey Lamar, New York Times Bestselling Authors

If you're familiar with Ruffin's work on Late Night with Seth Meyers or The Amber Ruffin Show, you'll be familiar with her witty commentary on current events and comedic timing to relieve the tension. One of my favorite things about T.V. personalities writing books is you're already familiar with their voice and tone and you can hear it while you're reading, increasing the humor of Ruffin's interjections. Take a deep dive into these books and see a glimpse of the daily issues and struggles of minority communities living in the United States, including a story about the "winner" of diversity training.

Both of these books are available through Upper Arlington Public Library, or check your nearest Half Price Books or local bookstore to purchase your own copy!


Tip of the Month

screenshot of the podcast Dating While Gray­™, episode Dating 101: The Online Profile

Are you dating online and want to know what the experts suggest for your profile? Want to know what people are really thinking on first dates? The podcast Dating While Gray™ invited dating and relationship coach Amy Schoen for a discussion on common profile mistakes, the basic do's and don'ts for putting your best face forward, and a critique of one listener's profile.

Discover real dater's reactions to some of the profiles they've seen in Dating 101: The Online Profile, and the real-life don'ts they've encountered in Dating 101: The First Date. Check out both episodes for commonsense advice, no matter your age.


LGBTQIA+ Resource

Looking to meet like minded people and make new friends for Valentine's Day? Organization Pending keeps a list of Social and Community Groups in the LGBTQIA+ Resources and Community section of their Community Recommendations page. Join T talks on Facebook, check out the Black Queer & Intersectional Collective, or follow Pride Gamers of Columbus, Queer Climbing Columbus, and Queer Crafting Columbus for monthly in-person and virtual events!


Company News

social media post from Organization Pending, Thank you for one year!

January 7 marked the one year anniversary of Organization Pending as an LLC! To celebrate, they offered lucky giveaway winners 17% off three hours of in-person or virtual organizing services!

Follow them on Facebook and Instagram to be notified of future giveaways, and to check out the Organizer's one-year performance review from their solopreneur boss!

Interested in Organization Pending's service options? Visit the Hire Organization Pending page for details.


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